Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Transportation Taipei

This is the Taipei MRT 捷运 Single Trip Token.

This is the single trip bus ticket Taipei bus companies issue for relatively short commutes. If you go for long distance bus trips, they issue another type of ticket. You are issued the ticket upon paying by cash once you get on the bus and you surrender this talisman-looking ticket to the bus driver when you alight.

It is definitely more worth it to get the easycard (not pictured) at NT500. It has a stored value of NT100, and you can easily top it up at the MRT stations. The easycard can be used on MRT, buses, some retail shops and even the Maokong Gondola. Totally worth it. Of course it can be confusing when you use it for short commutes on buses as some bus companies do not require you to tap the card when you get on or off the bus, while some do. My card was banned by some Keelung bus service from using ALL LOCAL BUS SERVICES (of all the different bus companies!!!) when I alighted at Keelung hurriedly after asking the reluctant bus driver for directions, without tapping the card. This after travelling around at Yangmingshan by only tapping the card when I got on the bus.

They told me to return to Keelung to unban my card. Right. I was going to travel 2 hours long distance bus back to Keelung. No way, especially since I was already on day 7 of my 9 day trip. Besides I could still commute on my main means of transport, the MRT, so I wasn't affected very badly, though we had to keep our pockets jingling with change for my bus commutes.

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