Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah Gei ... It's edible not doable

After we got off the boat (that brought us to Damshui Fisherman's Wharf), we saw this stall 正宗阿给老店. 阿给 is rice vermicelli wrapped in a tofu skin and drenched in a sweet yet salty sauce.

Btw skip this shop. For all they claim that they serve traditional Ah Gei, their fishballs, containing meat, are tough, not QQ, and the soup contains so much MSG, I was so thirsty after that. The noodles were decent.

Directions to Damshui: Alight at the last station on the Xindian-Damshui (red line). Walk along the ZhongZheng 中正 road (also known as Old Damshui Street). It seems that there are alot of Zhongzheng roads in different parts of Taiwan, e.g. Hualien, Damshui, Taipei etc.

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