Monday, September 12, 2011

Monsieur Blau wishes everyone a Happy Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival!!!

Full posts start tomorrow. I just flew back. Midnight flight.

Monsieurs Blau and Ductuan were my heroes throughout this entire trip. Monsieur Blau kept me company throughout the entire trip, obliging me with his frozen *always ready* smile, even when I was very sick last night with a bad flu. I was so sick, I ignored my colleague's warning that I should not expose my teddy to the Vietnamese bed bugs.

As for Ductuan, my CoH buddy, he was the best. 

First of all, he was so patient and thoughtful. He brought a colleague who could translate English and Vietnamese. I think he was a bit uncomfortable with the fact that I am a female playing CoH, and he tried his best to be a hospitable host even though my colleagues were collectively an unappreciative bunch. 

Second of all, he helped me acquire a prepaid SIM so I could call home, and then when he discovered the old man cheated me (Viettel was supposed to be 50% off, so I think the idea was that the old man sold to Ductuan the idea that a 55KVND card would have a 110K credit, but I think by right, the bad old man should have charged me 27K5VND for a 55KVND credit), he actually bothered to help me top up by 200KVND, which must be very expensive for him. His reasoning was because I was travelling to more secluded parts of Vietnam, I might not be able to buy top-ups easily. Wasn't he sweet? Totally saved my life.

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