Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blogger Interface

I was reading on Mashable that Google has finally done something to Blogger. So I was watching out for the changes while logging in. Now that I am trying it out, I am thinking, it looks awfully like Gmail? Google doesn't reinvent the wheel huh...

I like that now that I finish an entry, it goes to the dashboard instead of the blog.
It is now easier to label my stuff, as Blogger autosuggests the labels.
Cool, I can change language on the interface.

I wish I can see the stats more readily.
I thought that they would add new things that will show which country is accessing your blog at any time, just like those free live feeds.
Blogger stats - not sure it can be believed. It seems to be changing everytime (even old Blogger). Note: I mean the All Time tab obviously. There is now a count against each entry, but I am not sure what is it counting? The accumulated, methinks. Still not accurate, when you compare the entry's total against the "All Time" total.


Is there any stats for labels?
New Post Page => Good to have a "edit posts" or have a side panel for accessing the posts I have written before, so that I can access or link if necessary. 
All Posts => Can we sort the entries by stats or date or name or label?

I removed my nick and email address, but otherwise here is most of the new interface. To be updated.

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