Saturday, September 24, 2011

I must cut back on my Company of Heroes

I thought that I have finally cured myself of my addiction to CoH with my 14 days of withdrawal (while in Hanoi and later flu). Apparently not...since Friday I have been playing a lot of Steinwall, but that is with my usual group (I added two more friends, a Daddy from HongKong and another, a History major from US).

B1 is nagging at me to do my next game (plus I opened a can of worms, by telling the South Koreans that I was going to upgrade my Burger Stacko). Well, my next game is a bit more complicated, so I need to break down into two parts. So I will be building a simple puzzle game, leveraging on code from Juzzle (this game will be free on Android, if completed), before I move onto build the more complicated version (which I will definitely be charging).

That aside, I had an interesting conversation with Hongkong Daddy, who is a friend of Ductuan (my Hanoi friend). I had played once or twice with him because of Ductuan. He knew about my visiting the latter because he told him. I was waiting to start a Stonewall game with my English friend, when this guy joined with his USA friend (the History Major). I didn't play with them though because with his friend, they closed the number of slots available for the game and I had promised NoNick that I would play with him so I had to exit the game (but not before this guy requested to be my friend).

So later when we played together, I asked him what else did Ductuan tell him about my visit. He told me that Ductuan told him that I was a lady (remind me to tell Ductuan to keep it a secret, but I think it is already a very badly kept one). Then he invited me to visit him in Hongkong and said he would treat me to dinner. *???*

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