Sunday, September 4, 2011

A question of perception

Recently, being very late for work, I decided to take a bus instead of walking from the usual place I alight from. I was very worried about the time and kept looking at the front of the bus (I was not standing in that direction), so I think the uncle standing near me thought I was looking at him. And smiled at me?

I was like huh? I gave a quick smile back, not to be rude, and looked straight ahead until I alighted. Creepy. I refer to the other time where this uncle was staring at me.

I told Boob Bro about it. He said "I think it is a culture thing. If you are in USA and someone smiles at you, you will smile back right (well I did... despite being creeped out)."

"...And you are just shallow. If it is your favorite Ang Mo (Caucasian) with blond hair, you will be salivating back."

When B1 learnt about it, I got 7 levels of Hell for smiling back at the uncle. He warned me about all the bad things that happen when naive chicks smile to strangers on public transport.

See, one situation, 3 different perceptions

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