Monday, September 12, 2011

Wedding Cakes

My second cousin's wedding cakes were delivered while I was away. As meine Eltern are considered family elders, they receive a box of the wedding cakes, which are traditionally part of the bride price 聘礼 provided by the groom's family.

Aren't they cute in a very retro way? My Vater used to buy these when I was a child for breakfast sometimes. I used to look forward to Frühstück. Vater complained that nowadays they use margarine with icing sugar to make the butter cream instead of actual butter. Well, sorry Vater, I think it is more likely to be shortening.

Anyway, the stupid thing was that I should have eaten this last night when I came home, instead of scalding myself at 4am with hot water for my cup of instant noodles. Dummkopf. It was later when I put away my half-drunk Coke (my ostensible attempt to cool down my scald) that I noticed that the cakes in the fridge...

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