Wednesday, June 16, 2010

16 June 2010 - Bloody Unbelievable Wednesday

Well, my friend saw the fantastic odds that Singapore Pools was giving for Swiss to win, she decided to go for the kill and buy. Guess what she is $65 richer now, covering her losses in believing in Italy. As for me, it was like I said, Bloody Unbelievable Wednesday.

I had to hobble home in my terrible heels. Don't buy Anna Nucci, it's crap. 2nd day, and all the rubber soles dropped. When I reached home, Swiss scored... Brudder opined that Spain must have betting against themselves. National pride be damned, the Central Bank needs the moolah. European champions of 2008 (and I checked that most of the team from that league made it to this WC team) lost to a team weakened without its best players? But I do say I admire the Swiss strategy of chionging for the goal. Pity Ivory Coast or Portugal didn't do that.

I had a bad feeling after hearing the results from the earlier 2 matches. Decided to go and zzz instead of watching Uruguay rape South Africa, given my terrible luck yesterday.

I was right.

Uruguay 3, South Africa 0.

Well done South Africa, you are going to be the first host nation that does not qualify for quarter final. I believed in the power of the vuvuzela in vain. =D Uruguay might have become deaf now from the noise but at least they go home knowing they may at least make it to quarter final, since all the Group A teams drew for their first matches. I think most teams will not be aiming for friendly draws for their second rounds.

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