Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How many types of Mistresses are there?

According to the ChineseDaily article I was reading, there is now... a website for mistresses, cheated wives and cheating bastards. Apparently, it rehabilitates mistresses and attempts to guide them to a more ethical, moralistic path.

小三论坛 - 关注第三者现象,构建和谐家庭's motto is to build a harmonious family while taking the trend of acquiring mistresses into consideration. Bizarre isn't it? According to the creator of the site, there are four kinds of mistresses.

A) a woman competing with the girlfriend of a guy who is not yet married,
B) a woman who doesn't know the man is married because he hides it from her,
C) a woman who stays with a man for monetary reasons, knowing he is married,
D) a woman in love with this man (i.e. the stupidest kind who does it for free).

I read it more as the type of mistress who deserves empathy, and the type of mistress who doesn't. Perhaps the only kind who can be pitied is B, but it does take a certain lack of perception to not realise that your beloved is married.

I tried to visit the site, but there seems to be a dns error. Will try again later.

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