Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great Gatsby Ambush Marketing

I told colleagues that I will be chanting "Eye of the Tiger" when I watch the Argentina vs South Korea. I love Maradona and his theatrics (at least it is off-field and not on-field like that drama papa C. Ronaldo).

Instead I started humming the Japanese Gatsby commercial song, which is modified from "I can't give you anything". Why? Because the Argentine hair is out in full glory. Heinze's dirty blond hair fanned out slow mo when the commentators were playing back the part where he clashed with Park Chu Young (the same idiot who brought you the first goal of the match with his leg, straight into his own goal).


It was very funny. How Tevez's hair ran stiffly beside him whenever he drove the ball towards the Korean goal, was straight out of Takuya Kimura Gatsby commercial for Moving Rubber. Gatsby should endorse the entire Argentina team (and coaches) in South America.

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