Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Team Nibblez hasn't disappeared

We have been watching the World Cup, that's all. Well, I have been trying to watch of course, despite the best efforts of Singtel and Starhub. Malaysians, Indonesians, and even Africans can watch for free, we have to pay. I rather have free soccer than stupid fireworks.

Anyway, it has been very frustrating watching the Ivory Coast versus Portugal. My colleague said that Ivory Coast people should be very good at running, and that they are quite a strong team. Portugal, in my opinion, is that bunch of wayang actors from World Cup 2006. I pity the referee.

As usual, Portugal is back to their "O woe is me", roll on ground here, roll on ground there act again. Luckily the referee is a sensible man, and after he yellow-carded C.R and an Ivory Coast guy, Portugal stopped "invalid"ating themselves.


As for the Ivory Coast team? What the fuck. If they are not clustering at the midfield like a bunch of dozy orange hens, they are showing off their dribbling skills near the goal. Just kick the gott demn ball in already, you are not trying to impress the neighbor 's kids in your backyard.

Spread out!!!

They have the hero mentality, chiong all the way to the goal, and then oops, no one else from the team is there. Only the Portuguese are there. Crap. Don't spread out and don't run together as a team with the ball.

So frustrating. If C.R and gang can stop wayanging and concentrate, they would have trashed the orange biddies over and over again.

(This is my second time trying to blog this. I cancelled the entry by mistake just now)

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