Friday, June 11, 2010

NWVA - Japanese Breakfast Bento

I tend to associate certain foods with certain traumatic events, such as becoming sick, and start to perversely rejecting it ever since. Just like B1 associates ikan bilis with illness, because his mom used to buy him marcaroni soup with ikan bilis when he was sick as a child. No surprise that he hates marcaroni. It's a huge pain for me sometimes because I am fond of resorting to ikan bilis and ginger as a soup stock versus boiling chicken and veggies from scratch and having to get rid of the chicken fat and guts.

I don't eat tomato ketchup with a sunny side up egg on bread. My brother once made a sandwich for me with the above composition, and I became heartily ill after that. Since then, I refuse to eat ketchup on bread, even for bratwurst mit brot.

I also don't eat raw tofu. It's disgusting, and also because I became very ill (though I don't think it is related to what I ate) after that. This is the breafast bento I had on the day I became extremely ill and was given a lovely cocktail of 4 multi-colored pills by my evil doctor. I am still a bit leery of Korean strawberries right now.

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