Sunday, August 23, 2009

Incursion Trio Concert at Esplanade last week

I attended a concert by the Incursion Trio last Saturday at Esplanade. A trio would be three instruments; a violin, a piano and a cello. Was pretty good, especially since I loved Hadyn. We decided to move from our current seats because we wanted to see the violinist play (since we learn violin, duh), and then we regretted it... cos the violinist YiLi looked like he was constipated. 便溺 you know? Keeping grimacing as he danced his bow across the strings. We were definitely more impressed by the cellist. Very masterful. =d See what I mean about men and musical instruments??

Well definitely he still left a lasting impression on two out of three of us at least. We definitely practised our violins more, since then.

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