Saturday, August 8, 2009

Up - A Love that Transcends Time

Disclaimer: Spoilers Alert!!!

B1 and I went to watch the long awaited "Up". I knew it would feature the old man, Carl Fredrickson's mourning the loss of his wife in spite of the time that has passed, but I didn't anticipate how touching it would be (but then again, this cartoon is done by the same people who convinced us that if you persist in stalking your prey despite her violent resistance, she will fall in love with you... eventually, i.e. Wall -E).

As a shy and fat boy, Carl met the very spirited and hairy Ellie, who shared the same love spirit of adventure as he did. She showed him her adventure book, which contained anecdotes and adventures she had encountered so far, and a page “Stuff I’m Going To Do” for all the empty pages behind that she was going to fill up later. She made Carl cross his heart and swear that he would get them to Paradise Falls some day.

They grew up, got married and moved into their old clubhouse, which they refurbished and outfitted together. Obviously they led a simple and poor life selling balloons at the zoo, but it was a life yet rich in love and happiness. They especially liked climbing up a grassy slope with a picnic basket before lying down in the lush green and making out shapes of clouds in the sky to each other. After receiving the devastating knowledge that they couldn't have a child, Carl and Ellie started saving for their Paradise Falls trip by painstakingly feeding a jar, which they found themselves breaking for other emergencies that needed the money more urgently.

When a much older Carl came across the jar one day while cleaning, he decided to make true his promise and bought two air tickets. When they were climbing up the slope that day with the basket and the surprise tickets hidden inside, the usually more sprightly Ellie could no longer make it up the climb. Unable to go on their adventure and after a sad goodbye, she left Carl behind to mourn her loss, trudging home alone with a sad blue balloon in his hand.

It was apparent throughout the story that Carl felt guilty about not fulfilling his promise to her, that even later when he ended up at Paradise Falls with their house and the neglected Russell, as he flipped the pages of her adventure book in total silence, he laid a heavy hand on the words “Stuff I’m Going To Do”. It was then that he discovered that there were actually pages filled out after all, behind that page.

They were filled with pictures of them together, as children, as newlyweds renovating their new home, as an old couple sitting closely together despite on different chairs, and her looking wistfully out the window. Her final words thanking him for the adventure they had spent together and encouraging him to have his own new adventure lent him courage to conquer the odds, and become the father figure in Russell's life, while giving himself new meaning in life.

The reason why I couldn't stop the tears from flowing at both sequences (even now, tears are flowing down my face *damn, I am feeling emo today) was because the show reflected my deepest fear. That when you love a person so much, and so deeply that one day, when he is gone, you will never be able to get over the loss. Yet you wish you'd able to encounter this love, because it is always better to love and be loved like this before.

[source: Norke]

ich liebe mein B1

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