Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Munchies 9 - Puri Chapati with Katsu Curry

Made Japanese Katsu Curry for lunch today. I finally had the opportunity to make puri. I was in love with puri when I ate at my North Indian classmate's house. Her deft hands created flat little wheat pancakes that magically inflate into cute little balls on top a nonstick electric pan.

I therefore asked my boss to help me buy puri flour, when he was at Mustafa (my classmate had told me that I could get the special flour there. I was flabbergasted when I saw the package of flour he passed to me.

"Isn't this chapati flour?"

No, no, no, his mother makes puri and chapati with this kind of Indian wheat flour. Sigh. =d

Well, while my curry was cooking away on the stove, I poured warm water, into a well of flour, salt and olive oil (could it be because I didn't use ghee???). But after resting for half an hour, my stupid pancakes didn't inflate. Instead they laid defeatedly on the pan, frumpy little blankets.

But my Katsu did turn out perfect, because for once, I resisted thoughts of salmonella and didn't leave the chicken frying till it's dead again. I took it out at about what I think is 80% cooked, and let the meat cook itself while resting on the sieve. This kept the meat nice and juicy inside the 'panko' (breadcrumb) pocket.

So what you see is clockwise from left: boiled brocoli (I reused the boiling liquid in the curry, no nutrients lost, very hausfrau, nicht wahr =d), cherry tomatoes, boiled egg (just barely hard boiled, so B1 had problems peeling. Left patterns all over my poor egg), brown rice, chapati, potato and carrot curry and Chicken Katsu.

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