Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Brainer 1 - Who Owns a Volkswagen car

1. Sam and Timothy's girlfriends are friends.
2. Jonathan lives in the last house.
3. The Poodle owner lives two doors left from the Border Collie owner.
4. Gregory owns a Border Collie.
5. The Brandy drinker owns a Toyota.
6. Ivan lives two doors left from Gregory.
7. The Terrier owner lives on the left of the Border Collie owner.
8. The Soju drinker owns a Sheepdog.
9. The Whisky drinker lives next door to Jonathan.
10. The Brandy drinker lives two door left from the Mercedes owner.
11. Sam lives on the right side of the Kia Owner.
12. Jonathan is single.
13. The Soju drinker lives three doors right of the Martini drinker
14. The Daschund owner lives in the first house.
15. Timothy drives a BMW.
16. The Poodle owner lives on the right side of the Vodka drinker.
17. Neighbours next door to Sam are single.

Do the Quiz here but please clear your answers once you finished. Pls comment the owner's name. Answers will be posted on this Friday.

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