Saturday, August 22, 2009

JAS Natsumatsuri [夏祭り] 2009

Didn't expect to go to the Natsumatsuri this year, after all B1 isn't feeling too well. Being a bitch of a F, made him go anyway. *wicked grin* The queues were terrifying...

Anyway, we had some fun. Food's terrible and scary expensive. Example, the salmon bento is like two sad pieces of cold fried salmon on top of rice. Full Stop. I should have made a bento as suggested by the JAS (well actually they said bring your own food). I had to wait 1hr at one particular stall and the food is only slightly ok... Surprisingly ugly ass local girls can look damn kawaii when they wear Japanese yukata and much makeup (read: fake eyelashes and glitter), but not always. B1 was rather traumatised by some, haha, served him right. Well, everyone can look better with Asahi beer. Cos Beer can set you free.

We didn't take part in the Bon Odori, but a lot of people did, super adorable (watch the video). They danced to Ponyo, and even Chan Mali Chan. I was definitely tempted when I saw them dance the summer dance that Crayon Shinchan and family did in the ending theme of one of the series.

The games were quite fun. I liked the yoyo ball game, which reminded me of the Bon Odori festival B1 and I attended in 1995, albeit separately, hehe, our paths hadn't crossed then). Check out my Black and Blue Balls! Hahahahhahaa.

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