Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday Munchies 8 - Good ole calorific English Fry-Up

Popped over to the Cold Storage at Holland Ville after dinner last Thursday.

I bought some Australian Camembert cheese, Pain de Campagne (I read it in some French book before, and loved how it was described as a crusty, perfect crumb) and garlic sausage for B1. I decided that a good English fry-up would do for a splendid Saturday brunch, and so made two plates last Saturday.

B1 wanted soft-boiled eggs (not pictured here), but being a paranoid egg-eater, I hated soft-boiled and didn't know how to make a nice Yakun egg. I forgot to lift out the egg after I turned off the fire. There they sad in the still boiling water, while I busied myself with frying. Ironically, they became the best hard-boiled eggs I ever made, yellow circumferences with perfect orange centres. I do apologise for the imperfect looking fried egg, but I was starved by the time I cooked the egg, and couldn't be bothered to fry a perfect sunny-side-up. Btw Swiss Bread also doesn't know how to do a nice Pain de Campagne. Theirs was one hard block.

How much will you pay for my brunch? Can fight Jones the Grocer (~S$20)?

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