Saturday, March 6, 2010

Affairs do sell after all?

Today as I was happily reading fiction at breakfast, Mutter came and chucked today's 联合早报(the local Chinese newspaper) at me. Woo, yet another 老牛吃嫩草 affair sexposed *yawns*.

Note: For those whose Mandarin is as trashy as mine (I always score badly and I only read gossip rags in Mandarin *haha*), 老牛吃嫩草 literally means "old cow eats young grass", meaning an old man having a meaningful relationship with a young girl much younger than himself.)

Big deal.

This time it is that local comedian turned director, Jack Neo, who got caught with his pants down. Ha-di-ha-di-ha. This was the same guy who announced in his blog that he felt that foreign talent were much better than local talent. Leaning back on my chair and staring at the delicious words, I pondered if the 嫩草 he's been piaking is a foreigner (like his bestie who also some months ago, was sexposed for a老牛吃嫩草, though technically thanks to the massive influx of foreigners to Singapore, we already consider Malaysians as locals).

Personally I find this unsurprising. It's always those who behave holier-than-thou who fuck around. We were discussing this at lunch last Friday when my colleague opined that men who cheat are usually assholes. Nope, that is not true. Those who have not been sexposed are very holier-than-thou and act extremely loving to their spouses so that everyone around them are duped into thinking they are the perfect couple, even the wives. Even after they get found out, they usually act repentant and guilty because society (well, more like media) expects them to do so.

However their spouses' reaction will shape their future behaviour. If the wife remains supportive and/or indifferent, thus the "enabler", e.g. John Terry's really silly wife, the husband will recover quickly and continue cheating. A wiser and more secretive bastard. And you know what people will increasingly think of the wife? That she's stupid and spineless because she cannot live without the man. Probably set back feminism by a few more decades.

If the wife becomes cold and calculating, unfortunately the man still wins long term. The wife would have to rely on spousal and child support, if she is lucky, or work day and night, to raise the children on her own without guarantee that they will have the quality of life they previously had. The children will be damaged long-term without their fathers, and the men? Continue fucking anyway. Though now, they can do it even more, because they are single and "eligible". Sometimes I really hate the unfairness of life.

And you know the shit that marriage counsellors like to spin? The "it takes two hands to clap in a marriage when the men cheat"? To which I say, it would take a real spineless man to fuck his way out of the problem instead of taking steps to remedy the situation himself, e.g. highlighting to his wife that there is a problem and sitting down to see how to resolve it. If it is the man who works all day and becomes less involved in family life, then discovers that he is out of touch with the entire family, he should work on being included back, not lean back and get blown by his secretary. Doesn't help the situation. I believe that "the two hand clap" nonsense kicks into play, if the man has already hinted or told his wife blatantly and she did not bother to respond positively.

What I find most intriguing about this whole episode is that it is reported in the decent morning newspaper, i.e. mainstream media? Not only the indecent trashy rag 新明 that I love so much but forgot to buy last night... someone must hate him.

But I digress, you may say, what are the juicy details of this affair? Well, Jack Neo has been bonking this model/actress (I never dignify the mistress by stating her name, that is like validating her existence. Let's call her the hussy) for 2 years. The hussy has acted in the Money No Enough 2 and is also acting in the cheating bastard's most recent movie, 做人. She's not even pretty except that she is 22 and he is 50 and she is only 3 years older than his oldest daughter. Doesn't it feel like it's fucking his own daughter?

She went to his house the day before yesterday and sexposed him to his very stoic 46-year-old wife, who has been married to him for 27 years. The wife said she already knew because 1 year ago, a friend told her that her husband was fucking around on her. She was probably more mentally prepared than her suddenly witless husband, because considering the maid and four helpless children at home, she requested that the confrontation be taken elsewhere. She drove the cheating bastard and the hussy to the Crowne Plaza hotel at Changi Airport (if I am not mistaken), where they reached at 5pm. The cheating bastard called his fellow Christians, his pastor and his manager, the hussy, her father and older sister, for support at the 4-hr long "discussion".

The reporters surprisingly so on top of things, were there as well.

I am not going to bother to translate what the cheating bastard said. I am never interested in what they have to say. I am more intrigued by the two women. The wife said that she does not care who her husband is with, and that most importantly, she loves him so she forgives him. What a supportive enabler! I am sure her husband's other and future mistresses are very grateful for her understanding. She added that they have been married for 27 years and their household will not be affected by this incident, and she only worries that her husband is going to endure a lot of suffering in the future because he will face societal pressures(?).

It's very ironic that the young and nubile mistress is so insecure that Jack Neo was cheating on her, that she went to sexpose him to his wife. She admitted that she threatened to kill herself when Jack Neo tried to dump her but that she only did so half-heartedly. She said she has always been very understanding that Jack Neo has a family and that she often reminded him to return home early??? Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.

The reason why she sexposed him was because... three days ago, when they met each other, he gazed into her eyes and said "I love you", but was uncontactable (the actual words she used were 没有接她的电话与报告踪, i.e. did not answer her calls or reported his whereabouts. Who is the wife here???) so under suspicion that he was fucking around on her, plus the feelings of being wronged and compromised festering for the past few months, she become so incensed that she ran off his house to make a hoohaa.

I do wonder now if she announced deliberately so that more people will watch the new movie and make herself more infamous. Bad publicity is still good publicity. But I think she forgets this is tiny Singapore... and the cheating bastard has a strong fan base and network. It's more likely she can kiss her B-grade acting career auf wiedersehen and welcome vilification instead. As for the wife? She lost something today for the sake of her children. I hope they remember and love their mother always for upholding the dignity of the family.

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