Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shine Supermarket - Korean Food mart

Before the concert this afternoon, B1 and I rushed over to Sim Lim to get some booty, me a new card reader (I don't seem to have much luck with them) and him a new graphics card. I decided to buy a pretty cute looking one by USBOnline. I hope it lasts longer under my destructive hands than the earlier ones (watch out for the trash talking update here if it fails).

I will pop over to Shine Supermarket at Burlington Square at least 90% of the times I visit Sim Lim Square. There I can get my favourite Korean Chili paste, miso paste and other stuff very important for cooking Korean food. Now and then it has special deals when the perishables are perishing fast, and yesterday was one of them. I happily bought up some snacks at 50 cents a piece, tomato instant noodles at S$1, and JaJangMyun (炸酱面) instant mee @ ~S$5. Yes, I can cook 炸酱面 cheaper, healthier and faster but I wanted to taste how the Korean version tasted, and I was betting with Vater that I could get a nicer one (the shop did have another JaJangMyun for S$8 something, but no way am I going to get that). Finally I bought some lovely Korean pancakes @S$3. Hopefully it was the delicious street food Hoddeok I fell in love with when I visited Seoul three years back, but this one seems to be filled with Honey, not cinnamon and dark sugar. Sigh. Will give it a try and see if it's nice!

The most lovely part of the shopping trip is that the uncle or the aunties will always give a lot of freebies (which are expiring quickly), tucking them quietly into your shopping bags. So sweet! I got some really lovely deepfried seaweed in grape oil the other time, but this time, they seemed to have wised up and split the freebies up, preferring to give a range of freebies instead of one particular type. This is how I ended up with some Vietnamese version of Kway chup (don't ask me why they have that in the first place), seaweed (always welcome, though I wished they gave me the whole pack, and skipped the rest of the freebies), and some dubious looking crackers.

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