Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Rare Instance of 天作美

Yup, it was a wet Saturday yesterday. I wasn't complaining, especially after the nasty heat rash I got from blazing February. I welcome the merciful 清明节 (it always rains during that period) weather season, even though this means that I switch from the delightful heat rash to wet shoes and clothes plastered to my skin.

I took this photo on my way towards the library, to borrow some refuge from the relentless raindrops.

I claimed my seats at least half an hour before the event started, and happily alternated between staring down at my latest book and through the different brolly shades at the SSO testing microphones and pitches.

However, by some strange act of Providence, the skies suddenly lightened up as we started closing our umbrellas in readiness for the performance. We were very fortunate to enjoy the blissful cool air, as we watched the performance.

It was a delightful performance. Chan Yoong Han played the Schindler's List Theme again (he did that song together with the other two themes from the movie at the SSO's previous Casual Concert). Very nice, though I felt the previous time was better? Perhaps the acoustics at the Esplanade, or could it be the unfriendly environmental sounds from the road in front of the library? One thing for sure, the little kids wandering around the stage was a distraction (I wanted to take a photo of a little boy standing at the bottom of the stage staring at the soloist), and also they couldn't hold their tiny bladders and you could see parents hurrying their children to the nearest washroom throughout the one hour long performance.

I filmed a bit from his performance (Esplanade's so unfriendly towards cameras and recording devices) until my memory card gave out less than two minutes later...

The SSO also performed Strauss Papa und Junior's two polkas and one march (with one encore piece). The concert master, always adorable, was especially cute when he lost the sheet through one of the polkas, and gave a cute little act trying to catch it back, only to have the uncooperative piece of music fly away again. It was very fun and perfectly fitting to the casual concert.

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