Thursday, March 11, 2010

My two cents on the Jack Neo incident

I do not understand why Jack Neo must allow his wife to attend today's session and speak on his behalf. Yes, we all know Mdm Kng, you "forgive" him because circumstances and collectivist society forced you to. But there is no need for the wronged wife to attend the session. He said his wife said she did not know how to handle the media, as he said later during the really short media conference, which could indicate that she did not want to come in the first place. And yet Jack Neo dragged her along.

He can woo and fuck his mistresses on his own.

Then he can fight his battles on his own.

Since you intend to remain together, you must already fight the battle on the home front, but you do not have to fight his other battles for him. Let him be ostracized and criticized publicly. If he dared to do it, he should dare the face the consequences. Why must the person who is betrayed have to fight the media war herself? If he has the balls to seek others outside his marriage, he should have the balls to say "wife, you stay at home. It is my fault, let me give you an explanation and apology you deserve to everyone".

Not haul her along, looking so pale and miserable. What kind of worm does that? And on top of that, he had the gall to cry, after saying it's all his fault. Duh. Don't cry, you coward. No one will believe it is sincere, especially since you have been cheating for more than 20 years. (On top of that, we can attribute that to your fine acting skills as Lao PohPoh with her infamous "hoohoohoo", you just changed it to "boohoohoo" only. Too bad Academy Awards just ended.)

You cheated on your deceased ex-wife whom you later divorced while she lay dying of a terminal disease in the hospital, by telling others you were available. That alone shows what kind of disrespectful enemy of woman you are. You disgust me.

And all the women who have been touched physically or emotionally by him, you are bad judges of character. Or so damn superficial and/or nympho to be able to accept a old man bonking yourself...

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