Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Munchies 19 - 手工面

It's been a while since I cooked lunch on Saturdays. Rummaging through the fridge, I did not turn out any of my favourite veggies, so decided a vegetarian lunch was out. I usually eat a lot of unhealthy crap during and after work, so I try to cook something half way decent on Saturdays.

I decided to make Mee Hoon Kueh, a popular handmade noodles that you can find in hawker centres, boiled quickly in a ikan bilis soup with lots of tiny fatty bits of pork. I wasn't really sure what B1 would think, since the Saturday lunch of horrors where I attempted to make my own 老鼠粉. But he was oddly positive (it must really be a while since I last cooked).

As usual, some deviations from the standard recipe. I couldn't find caixin, so I used spinach and carrots. I hate shitake mushrooms, esp the dried ones, so I somehow coincidentally forgot to add them. I also dislike the taste of flour that you sometimes get when you order this at hawker centres, because the hawkers like to chuck the raw noodles in with the boiling soup without first cooking them halfway through separately.

I usually make my noodles by hand without finding the old noodle making machine Vater bought some years ago, which was a ease to use but a bitch to clean. Like my neighbour says, more texture and interesting shapes that way. All I needed to do was ensure that the noodles were around the same thickness, which was ok, since I liked my noodles really thin and fat (haha, wide, ok?), even thinner than what the machine would have churned out.

I chickened out halfway while cooking the meat-light dish. B1 doesn't like ikan bilis, I thought to myself as I stirred the stock thoughtfully while the dough rested on the tabletop. I went back to the fridge and dug out a chicken breast. Pulsing the meat with ginger and garlic, I decided to take some of the boiled carrots and chuck them in for color and moisture (breast can leave you high and dry when cooked). I decided to have some unhealthy fried wantons so I used half the mixture in wantons and the remainder in the soup.

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