Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finding Chinese New Year Spirit Part 2 - Making a Chinese Lantern

Well, Chinatown was a bust after the rash scare and rain. 

Yesterday, while I was sulking at home, I decided to make a Chinese Lantern using the massive piles of ang bow paper I received (too bad they were empty). You know it is strange, when I was in primary school, we used to be forced to make them every year (I think I eventually stopped when I was 10). Talk about exploitative child labor by the schools.
The envelopes are full... but not with $$

The one thing I remembered was how flimsy the old lanterns used to be because we merely put in thin cardboard inside the red sleeves. So this time, I reinforced by stuffing them full of thick cardboard. Keke. After two hours, I finally finished the damn thing, just as my enthusiasm was about to flag. I am glad that the lantern can spin in the wind, though it is a pain to capture it in a photo when it's doing so.

I just realized how well it blends in with my ugly ass curtains

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