Saturday, February 5, 2011

I shouldn't have bought those stupid goggles

On a whim, I bought two pairs of goggles, my usual ordinary goggles, and a pair with -4.0 degree vision (Yes, I am that myopic). I was later much surprised when the Captain told me that he had his goggles for ten years... I usually go through them like crazy.

Pros of buying goggles with myopic setting
- I can now tell the time while swimming and not have to risk breaking my glasses.

Cons of buying goggles with myopic setting
- They are much more expensive
- You can see all the dirt in the water. Sehr Gross (Ich meine, disgusting, not big, though some looked disturbingly big, e.g. discarded plasters *eww*).
- You can see everyone clearly. The guy you thought was cute is actually a baldy uncle... I was instantly reminded of this line from Amazing Grace "Was blind but now I see"...(I don't think I will buy them ever again. I prefer it when everyone was good-looking)

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