Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Virgin Experience in Acrylics

I am more of a pencil person. But after being inspired by Natee Utarit's flowers, I decided to have a go too. 

Found out something about myself:
I realized I can't paint a straight line. 
I can't blend colors well.
I am impatient (well, this I know)
Painting takes many coats. And I have no idea what blocking means.

See? My second draft did not turn out as my original drawing (I painted coating after coating onto the original drawing). Now I understand the term "starving artists". The paints are ex, the easel is ex. Everything is ex.

One good thing was that, because I could not find a single tube of green. I had to go to Art Friend, where I was very pleasantly surprised to know that my stupid membership is for two years, not one year as Pretty Mummy told me!!! Shit. But it's good news so I am happy that I still can get 10% discount. =D

As I look at the pic, I think it looks better from a distance. You cannot see my mistakes as clearly. I am reminded of the Chinese saying "远看花很红,进看花有虫”.

Well, I found an old paintbrush that I had used to paint my grapes (in oil) on my room wall. It still had some dried oil paint on it. Being too lazy, I recalled I used to use thinner to dissolve the oil. Guess what? I forgot how powerful thinner was. I poured it into the cute Hello Kitty cup that I use to mix paints (I wanted to dissolve the paint I left inside the cup, because I was too lazy that day to wash and it hardened) and stuck my new fine nib chinese paintbrush (yes, I use chinese paintbrush for the finer details, though I couldn't find my old ones, and bought a new sucky one. Don't buy chinese paintbrush from Popular!!! Ex and bad!) The hairs on the new chinese paintbrush were hardened and stuck together even though I had never used them before. So being crazy, I stuck it inside the cup as well.

This morning, I awoke to find two very irate parents. Apparently the thinner wore a hole through the weak plastic cup. Goodbye Hello Kitty... and my two brushes are ruined!!!

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