Saturday, January 8, 2011

Natee Utarit: After Painting

These are my absolute faves out of Thai artist, Natee Utarit's various collections, namely Mother, Celebrate to the Truth and Nothing (B1's fave), Western Light and his staining collection of floral still-lifes (my fave), alias the Last Description of the Old Romantic No 2.

I am not that pretentious to act as if I can interpret and/or understand the rationale or commentary about real life an artist is trying to express through his art. But I can tell you one thing:

There is nothing better than staring at bold colors and brilliant pieces at the end of a shitty work day. 

I do love the clean strokes that Natee used, esp in his flower series. If I can afford it, I would love to have that black and white painting of the chrysanthemum.

This exhibition runs at the Singapore Art Museum from 1 October 2010 to 20 February 2011.

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