Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ubinuri - Android Distributor with Integrity *Thumbs up*

Some months ago, after I just released BurgerStacko, I received this email from this Korean company, Ubinuri, saying that they are the biggest distributor of Android applications in South Korea. But I ignored them as my usual wont *haha* since I was just coding for fun, and also I googled the company to see if others had actually worked with them before. At that time, I think Ubinuri had just started mass mailing every developer, so everyone was curious but no one took the bait.

Later came this news that all video, computer and Web-based games sold in South Korea are required to be reviewed and rated by the state-run Games Ratings Board, 게임물등급위원회 Geimmul Deung-Geub-Wiwonhoe (GRB). So Android Market had to remove all its games. Then came this email from the same dude from Ubinuri, this time saying he would pay me USD200 to distribute my free game. And I read a google result showed that someone did get paid. Besides my game is free, so I have nothing to lose right?

By then, I had abandoned BurgerStacko because the Android users were too harsh for my fragile ego. I replied them that I would work with them, on the condition that I didn't have to change the code base much.

In the end, I still had to make three changes, two I agree with, one I didn't. But the important part is, the guys at Ubinuri (three of them, S, T and F) whose patience I tried very much, first with my slow coding (very stressed with my new project at work) and then my totally noob job of filling in the wrong bank account number, are very nice guys. I would say it was worth it working with them.

And today, after the totally shit day I had (this bitch cancelled the meeting and didn't tell me, and I was soaked to the skin from the heavy rain, and then waited 1 hour in the cold air-con. I now have a fever of about 37 plus degrees), I come home to find that the banks have processed the payment. 
Nothing speaks better than a photo. GPGT people!

Fantastic.. Except, eh... why so little? JP Morgan took a cut *fuck* USD21.50 and then POSB also took another cut of about S$10 when they already earned from the exchange rate. Fuck man. This is daylight robbery. Next time I will ask the guys to mail me the USD. I'd rather risk the chance of robbery via snail mail then get robbed legally by banks. Not like I asked those stupid bankers to jump through hoops or something. Neighbourhood money changer  is more honest than these bastards!

But I digress. I am going to do my bid for my poor fellow Android developer community and tell them you can trust Ubinuri =D. They have demonstrated integrity, honesty and patience. So if you get an email from the Ubinuri guys to distribute in South Korea, do work with them!

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