Monday, January 10, 2011

Singapore Wind Symphony - John Williams Blockbusters

I have a weakness for Schindler's List, especially now that I am learning it. 

So I made sure that I made it in time to watch the free concert held at the Esplanade yesterday afternoon, even though I didn't sleep enough due to the stupid cake. Note to all: be careful when you park at the Esplanade, especially past or after 6pm. Scary charge rates. We missed by 8 minutes because I went to withdraw $$ and B1 lost me, and we had to pay S$6 for parking... *faints*

The concert was lovely to watch, especially since we were one of the latest people so we got to sit on the fun gallery seats at the side. They played Schindler's something horrible though. I liked the last song and the encore, which are from the Superman movie, I think. They sure played with enthusiasm and everyone enjoyed themselves, judging from the response.

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