Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reality of a Singaporean Girl and Her Ideal Guy

I admit that after 10 years of enforced convent school life, I had a certain skewed thinking of  what tantamounts to a relationship between men and women. During my Junior College orientation, I was sabotaged for not completing the obstacle course on time. The guy I was forced to complete the obstacle course with and  I had to shout the famous lines from Romeo and Juliet to each other in front of everyone. I am pretty sure that it is due to my reading too many romance novels (actually, I blame the Teenage Workbook) that caused me to intepret this traumatic experience into something magical. I was envisaging that when we were old and married, I could chuckle at the memory and tell our grandkids that this was how Grandpa and Grandma met.

Well, Grandma needed to wake up her idea.

Needless to say, I did not end up with that guy. Ah, the craziness of being 17 years old. The strange thing was that I thought that I was the only one who had twisted expectations of how a relationship should be. Turns out my former schoolmate also had some strange ideas as well. I had invited a lot of guys and girls to a dinner party, obstensibly to introduce one of my uni guy friends to my secondary girlfriends (we were 24 years old already). What happened was that another guy fell for another girl and asked her out. Which turned out to be a disaster. She had certain expectations of how the guy should behave, and somehow he measured short. I don't think I want to say what she said, but it was incredibly myopic and insulting, and thus indirectly affected my relationship with her adversely. She and her sister remain happy sitting at home waiting for Prince Charming to come riding up on his white stallion. The guy? He is now with a foreign girlfriend, who doesn't peel prawns for him but serves him the rice first. Even my Singaporean COH friend (he says he is 30, we will give him the benefit of the doubt) thinks he is likely going to marry a foreign bride because local girls are demanding (actually I wanted to ask him, did he even look for Singaporean girl in the first place?).

Which brings to mind, is that why a lot of Singapore girls remain single while the guys marry girls from other nationalities. I think we all need to wake up our collective idea, and stop waiting for Mr Right to come. Sometimes Mr Right Now can make you very happy, when you least expect it.

I think that when a Singaporean girl is <20 years old, she has many options and can choose a guy who meets 100% of her ideals and more (200! *haha*). When the 20 to 25 years old her goes to uni and/or recently starts work, her criteria swings to 100%. When she hits 26, she hits the slippery slope downhill, and has to lower her standards to the guy meeting maybe 80%, with 10% reduction for every year she ages forthwith. Note: this is dependent on the desire that men have of her. When she hits 30, let's face it, she has to take a hard look at herself in the mirror and realize while she can judge others, they can judge her too, and just be open to accepting jemand as long as he loves her, doesn't smoke, drink, gamble or consume drugs and is a good provider.

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