Wednesday, January 19, 2011

今年的桃花运 Love Luck

Choose a card in the deck and read the analysis corresponding to your chosen number:

[source: My Paper, 20 Jan 2011]

English Translation:
(1) The Hanged Man
It's going to be a bumpy road in love this year. If you were hoping that a new love would appear, then you must completely resolve any previous love entanglements., otherwise even if someone desirable appears, your new love will face a lot of obstacles due to the past and the two of you can only remain in an ambiguous state.

(2) Pentacles
Your opportunities for love are low this year, mainly because you are a workaholic, work OT every night and only sometimes relax at home. Even if there is someone from the opposite sex interested in getting to know you better, he or she is detered by your "hikikomori" attitude. It is recommended that you try to improve yourself, increase your charm and charisma, as this will allow the opposite gender discover your uniqueness.

(3) Chalices
Opportunities in love are extremely abundant this year, especially in March or April. You have a gregarious personality so it is easy for you to attact the opposite sex. Once someone desirable appears, you just need to seize the opportunity and not miss the chance to develop love.

(4) Temperance
Opportunities in love are pretty high, especially in the later half of the year. You have a desirable personality, every movement you make can attract any persons of the opposite gender who are seeking love. If you encounter someone who is as commited as you in the relationship, do not hesitate and do not repeat the errors you made in love before. Try to adjust and be more accepting.

(5) The Chariot
Your love opportunities are abound in July and August this year. However your current luck in love is considered very good, so you should look carefully at the people around you, because you might discover that you already have someone who is quietly protecting and guarding you. The you this year should be able to abandon your single status soon, so look forward to it!

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