Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great 食字路口 Yummy Race

We were supposed to play this last December, but because Teletubby couldn't rent a car.

Never mind, we are still going to do it next Saturday!

麻署 (Muah Chee)
芝士 (Cheese)
林鸡 (Shilin Fried Chicken Steak)
Activity 1: Go to any arcade and win at least 100 points in a basketball arcade game (adult version)
骨面 (Pork Rib Noodles)
(Pumpkin soup)
Activity 2: Go to Jurong Point's Icing Room to decorate a cake (with the words "食字路口")
圆豆 (Soya Beancurd with Dumplings)
(Lychee Drink)
Activity 3: Go to Viknesh Dairy Farm and drink 1 litre of milk
仙牌的斋(Mock Goose)
肝 (Foie Gras)
Final activity: eat the cake for dessert!

We did play the game, though we ate a different chain of foods, because we invited the Captain and Ximenqing with us. Will be updating about this shortly, after I get all the photos. I realize we forgot to play the arcade game. Haha!!!

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