Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yummy Yummy @ RaoHe Street Night Market 饶河街夜市

Note: I am housekeeping all my drafts in this blog account. Found this one and decided to finish writing it and post.
The Fantastic Pepper Bun "胡椒饼" stall is right next to this gate. Don't miss it!
RaoHe Street Night Market ( 饶河街夜市) is the most inaccessible of all the night markets by MRT 捷运. We ended up walking from WuFenPu (Clothes district) over to the place, because it was on the way. This place is very hard to find. I asked four Family Mart cashiers before we managed to find this place. Typical of a man, B1 absolutely refuses to ask for directions (even in Japan, when he is the only one who can speak and understand Japanese). We love Family Mart cashiers, they are always so polite and helpful, which saved our lives at Xin Beitou when we were trying to find our secluded inn).

It was our last night in Taipei so we covered a lot of areas, like Shilin again (which I finally got to eat the absolutely delish 原上海生煎包). By the time we reached this place, I think it was 2230hrs so I was pretty exhausted since we were backpacking (everytime I say I will reduce the stuff I bring, and yet I still carry tons of stuff in my backpack! *annoyed* How just like a girl!) and I have been walking A LOT.

I think I was in a super bitchy mood by then. Hahah. Strange, this I recall?! We had been arguing over something trivial (I think I was mad because he always make me do all the asking for directions) because we were both exhausted (this is something typical whenever we backpack, wait till you see how we entertained a Japanese Salaryman when we gesticulated but whispered angrily at each other on the JR Rail last year. His eyes were agog and he was actually smiling... Creepy) and hungry (note: B1 , adorable as he is usually, cannot stand being hungry. His bitch/nag factor can go up by 10x, so I always carry food in my backpack => always heavy)

Luckily there was an extremely delicious Pepper bun sold just near the gate that you see in the pic above.  This baked bun contains meat, diced onion and cilantro (I think, cannot remember so well) restored our faith in the world and we continued on, where we also bought Koi Bubble tea, which you can find in Singapore.

Because there wasn't much time, we still have to run back to catch the very last MRT 捷运, so we just quickly bought some more buns (this is the steamed and then lightly fried kind, same as 原上海生煎包), and some ultra smelly tofu, which comes with Chinesisch Sauerkraut *hahah* 

Then it was a mad dash to the train station, past Wufenpu and then to Houshanpi station (台北捷運藍線後山埤站)... I must say here that I have a pretty excellent sense of direction. Once I go a certain route I know how to return and sometimes take a shortcut as well. Which is a good thing to have when you backpack...

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