Thursday, January 13, 2011

Irritating Android Market spin-offs - mAPPn 先斩后奏

There are many third party Android markets popping up all over the world. While I am open to having my games distributed on different markets, I am extremely annoyed with this Chinese company, mAPPn, sending me a email to tell me that they have already downloaded my game from Google Market and published it in their own market.

"Dear Sir/Madam,

This is XXX from mAPPn Inc..,which lay emphasis on providing localized Chinese Android market and Android technique solution to Chinese users, is a leading Android forum and market in China. Moreover, we are the business partner of Samsung, MOTO, China Telecom etc, which makes us become more and more famouse in Android area.

we have over 1.1 million users in market and forum, with over 300,000 times dowloads.
Now we provide the following service to Android application developers:

1. Application Downloading: developers can register account and publish the application onto our market freely,and update new version, check data, etc.

2. Application selling: developers can publish paid apps onto our market, and share 70% revenue;

3. Advertisement SDK: developers can add our Ads SDK into the application and get the revenue. All the advertisements are localized.

4. Data analysis and statistics;

5. Translation: we can help the developers to translate the application into Chinese.

In order to provide more and more excellent applications to users, we have published the application you published on google market( free version) onto our market. After you register account, you can ask for the escheatage of the application. if you do not agree us to do this, please tell me, we will unpublish your application.
About mappn:


developers platform:

WTF, they want me to ask for escheatage for my own application?! I was so pissed I sent them a blistering email in Chinese back.

如果公司想邀请开发者加入, 应该先通知我们,不是直接从Google Market下载我们的产品。 即使当时我有兴趣加入, 我现在却觉得反感。

并非你在邮件里所说的, 我到此网站寻找我的产品, 但无法找到。请给我个合理的交代。谢谢。"

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