Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth - the Captain's Human Reproduction Cake

One of the activities that we were supposed to do for our 食字路口 race was decorate a cake at Jurong Point's Icing Room for our Captain Atas's 30th Birthday *sobs*. We also met our smelly 小天使 there.
4 hands! I was taking photos
Initially the guys were rather hesitant on what to draw so I swooped in to draw a tulip but I decided it was too lame for guys and also because I stupidly drew out of line, so it became the bad guy in PacMan (the guy in pink). To keep in with the theme, I wanted to draw PacMan as well, but the others became inspired (actually they realized they better hurry, or I would cover the entire cake) and were eager to draw as well. Telebtubby wanted to draw the Japanese symbol for a man, but drew it in the wrong direction, his picture ended up looking like a sperm wearing a hat (if that is not a logo for a condom company, I don't know what is *winks*).He tried to cover it up with more chocolate icing. 
The Captain wrote his birthdate upside down from my poor PacMan bad guy, and my poor PacMan ended up at the side of the cake where he was overwhelmed by what looks like human eggs. So it is natürlich that we should complete the human reproduction cake with sperm as well. Check out the yellow sperm swimming towards the egg.

Needless to say it became very embarrassing when the Peach Garden (well known for its service) offered to take the cake from us, and then delivered it, boxless, naked and offensive, to us at the table. But the cake remains utterly delish, more so because it had a chance to defrost, unlike the other time my poor client and I nearly brain-froze ourselves to death.

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