Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am extremely disappointed in Google

I cannot believe this. 

I have been faithfully generating huge amounts of content for this blog in the hopes that I can up the traffic in the blog so that more people will visit, and hopefully click on my adverts. All this effort has resulted in a significant ~1800-2000 visits a month.

I have been excitedly telling my colleagues that I am very close to my first USD100 after so many months of effort. This, together with the USD200 that I will be getting from my Android app distribution in South Korea, was going to go into my fund for buying a Android 3 device, so that I can test my new app on a tablet sized device.

And today, I discovered that my Google ad account has been banned. WTF.

Google, see for yourself. See where my traffic is from, and tell me who the fuck has been clicking on my blog so much that my account has been banned. It can't be me, I am so busy with my stupid new project, I haven't got time to update much except to check my blog stats. And if I click on one or two, it's because I am interested in the product. Don't let me find out who you are, arschloch.

I am really damn angry now. My days of being a Googlephile is officially over as of right now.

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