Sunday, January 9, 2011

I was in a Blue Mood

I have never realized this before (though I know we are a hardcore family of amateur chefs) that we had 5 types of coloring and about 7 types of flavoring in our cupboards. Like I said, B1 and I went to Phoon Huat to get me my ingredients for baking the Cheesecake from Hell. While we were queuing in the place (see how crowded it was, we usually don't need to queue), I came upon the agar agar packets on a nearby shelf. It's a form of cross selling actually, that's why you have magazines and ready-to-eat sized food items near checkouts. 
water version
milk version
B1 asked me to make him some jelly. So the minute we got home, that was we did first since we still had to wait for the butter to melt for the cheesecake (not the jelly *duh*).

So I stood in front of the cupboard looking at my choices. I had green, red, orange, brown and blue colourings, hmmm.... I was thinking of orange and blue, but that might be too outrageous for the fussy eater B1. So I made all blue, with a bit of variant in color due to my milk version. Note to self: I should make sure that there is about the same amount for both the water and milk versions for a prettier effect (though it turned out we both HATED the milk version). 
bottom layer of the jelly
For the milk version, I used almond flavoring and the water version, B1 wanted rum. He complained it smelt like urine while it was boiling (btw don't add flavor and color while boiling), though in the end, it tasted of sugar..Only.

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