Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I don't like people destroying my property

I need to cut back on CoH, as B1 and other people have been pointing out. It's a game and I am letting it spill into real life. Stupid me. 

You know how I hate it when people bomb my base and/or church.

Just over New Year's Day, I refused to speak to B1 for one whole day because I thought that he bombed my base and men just as the game was ending. So what happened recently was that this Taiwanese *^%$ used his engineers to burn my church at the also incredibly stupid suggestion of my other friend. They thought it was funny. I did not think so. I was incensed and I wanted to ban him.

But I didn't, on account of my friend somehow being his good friend as well. Ironically it was because this guy asked to be my friend and kept joining my games that's how he got to know the other guy. Too bad my other gang was not around, otherwise I would never have let this guy into my game. This reminds me of something that happened in uni. What a sucker punch.. again. 

So anyway the idiot went to bomb the railing with his rangers, and somehow managed to hit my triage center. Wtf is his problem?! I officially ban him. I don't care if people tell me I should relax and it's just a game. But I am stressed at work, and this is my only outlet for stress, and this guy destroys my property. To think I was magnanimous enough to repair his house after it was bombed. I have reached a point where I even suspect that Taiwanese ^%#@ of being a girl (strange right?). I need help. So as punishment I am cutting back on CoH, and returning to my Android development instead. I am also not going to add any more friends in CoH. 

On the other hand, yesterday I was trying to play PK (need to increase friends in PK), and tried to add a guy. He asked me if I was German (strange, a lot of people has been asking me that, or they think I am American). I said no, but I speak a little and then he told me in German not to take it personally, before rejecting me... Is it because I am not German? or that I speak German??? Too bad for him, because I played an excellent game. Haha. Had the most kills. Of course this also depends on the team. If your teammate sucks shit, you're so doomed.

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