Monday, January 10, 2011

12 Ways to spot a Cheating Bastard

Disclaimer: (1) Great wall of text (2) Read it for fun. I find this article very emasculating and prejudiced. Take it with a pinch of salt and the entertainment it was meant to be...

Excerpt from DailyMail Article "12 ways to spot a cheat", by Peta Bee, on 10th Jan 2011

(1) You earn more than him.
(2) He works long hours.
(3) You lived together before marriage
(4) His father or brother has had an affair
(5) He has a twin brother who cheats (this is kind of lame. Isn't it a repeat of (4)?)
(6) He's been married before but you haven't
(7) He's sex-obsessed.
(8) You live in the countryside
(9) He was religiously (or privately) educated).
(10) He doesn't like your family and friends.
(11) He's a social networking enthusiast
(12) He has a lower IQ than you.

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