Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Seeming Nightmare in Twilight Zone

I woke up at 6am this morning, with my chest suddenly feeling  itchy and hot. I felt this incessant urge to scratch myself. Was it a mosquito bite, as I was wont to be eaten alive during my sleep sometimes?

The itch being so unbearable, I wandered into the toilet, hoping to soak the itch in hot water. Only to scream when I looked into the mirror, while bathing. My entire body was covered in a angry red rash. 
Looks scary right? Well, it was all over my body, so you can imagine how freaked out I was.

WTF happened?

The hot water was some relief but why the heck were there red patches all over my skin? Uneven, bumpy, they couldn't be mosquito bites. I nearly cried from fright. Putting on my clothes, I ran back to my room to call B1. He was sound asleep so didn't answer my call. So I dashed to my parents' room because I could hear them talking. I implored my mother to accompany to the 24 hour clinic, and while she was taking her own sweet time to answer the call of nature, I took some photos of this bewildering sight. 

Being a well known hypochondriac (perfectionist, and OCDer) I couldn't resist surfing the Net for clues on what the f I was suffering from. I suspected that I was suffering from food allergy, because the last time B1 and I ate crab, I suffered mightily the night after, my body feeling overheated while I had severe abdominal pains. This time, it was just hot, itchy rash that made me scratch and scratch incessantly. It was all I could do not to scratch so hard that my skin would chafe and not allow me to swim. 

My mother finally came out from the bathroom, she asking me if I wanted to go to Mount A's A&E instead of a clinic. It was raining like mad, as we stood in the rain, me scratching like mad, her looking annoyed because I couldn't make up my mind. I decided that the 24hr clinic was a better call, because I knew that place was never crowded unlike the A&E, and I needed a needle desperately.

Long story short, I got my jab, from a thick needle *Yucks*. There was no instant relief, but I felt very drowsy as predicted by the doctor. Went home, slept it off, and when I awoke at noon, I was surprised to see my skin was back to normal. In fact, it was like it never happened! Until I looked at  my left arm and saw the plaster from my needle jab...

When B1 came to find me in the afternoon, we were trying to figure out what the culprit was. Was it the two biers, the XO Fish Head Bee Hoon Soup or the yucky crabmeat?! He was elated and speculated it was the bier, which means that I could no longer drink. I pointed out I was find after drinking Erdinger the other night with my colleagues. Could it be the combination of the above that did me in? The annoying thing about the whole situation was that B1 who ate the exact same thing as me (and drank most of the beers) was perfectly fine!

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