Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't think I always forget the good stuff ok?

I remember that I had listed this as one of the most romantic things that a guy can do for his girl though it was my colleague's suggestion. Some Wednesdays ago, it was raining after violin class, and he came in to fetch me as usual. And since it was still raining, he took my violin case, opened the umbrella, and  then escorted me to the car, parked some distance away. 

He let me in first before he went over to the driver's side. And all the time I was thinking, great suggestion by  Mommy dearest. It gave me a total doki doki feeling *haha*. I am so heartened by it, that I still think of it now and am even writing about it! Well, he did have tissue in the car, but since I was so pleased, I wiped our faces dry instead *keke*. Must reward good behaviour!

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