Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Romantic things a guy can do for his girl

Some guys will buy a dog for their girlfriends as a sign of commitment. I get very irritated by that. I feel sorry for the dog. Also putting her photo in your wallet or as handphone/laptop wallpaper is expected but cliched. Always holding her hand in yours is a MUST!!!
(1) Serenade her over the phone when she is tired or ill with a lullaby. ^.^ Make her nourishing broths, accompany her to the doctor's and look after her until she recovers.
(2) Cook her something for no special reason, and make a MOE message (remember the Zettai Kareshi *drool*)
(3) Make something special from scratch to commemorate a special event. I have a anniversary card that looks more like a kidnap note. But I cherish it very much.
(4) SMS her with 1 special love message every day. Please be creative and not forward from somewhere.
(5) Do something with her that she likes but you may not like. E.g. buy a puzzle to do together on a rainy day.
(6) Surprise her with flowers at her office, with a stupid reason like "I was just thinking of you". If you are doing this, do not repeat at Valentine's Day, it's so lame, and it diminishes the pleasure she would get from your surprises.
(7) Insist on buying the item she keeps eyeing covetously in the shop even if she complains that it is expensive or that she does not need it. She wants it. So get it. Even if she doesn't really want it, she will think you are so sweet.
(8) Fetch her to and fro wherever she is, whatever time it is. If it rains, bring an umbrella, get out of the car and shield her (no 2 umbrellas) from the rain. Make sure she gets into the car first, then get in, and wipe her face dry with the tons of tissue you have already prepared for this eventuality. (Suggested by Mommy dearest)
(9) The housework is already done when she comes back, and dinner is set for two (Suggested by Mommy dearest).
(10) Never sleep without her, don't let her eat alone (if you have already eaten, accompany her when she eats), stop surfing/playing with your iPhone/Android phone when you are with her.
(11) Carry her in your arms over a muddy or dirty path (Suggested by Mommy dearest).
(12) Bake her a cake on her birthday.
(13) Sense when she is sad and comfort her with the right words at the right time. Don't give her advice unless she asks for it. Console her by distracting her with her favourite foods and fun unless she forgets her troubles. Don't joke, don't laugh unless your girlfriend has a great sense of humor.
Miss Piggy suggestions :)
(1) Set the bath water for her when she comes home.
(2) Volunteer to carry her stuff immediately.
(3) Walk in the rain to deliver her favourite food that cannot be bought easily.
(4) Pack meals for her to eat if she is OTing.
(5) Surprise her with a packed pinic and bring her to a lovely spot to make some special memories.
(6) Even if you suck in drawing, draw a portrait of her. If you suck at singing, sing her a song. If you suck in cooking, make her a lovu-lovu bento. If she doesn't die from your cooking, you'd have touched her with your effort.

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