Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your Woul - Family friendly dishes at unfriendly prices

B1 - I am still waiting for the pictures. Thanks! *sulks* Note to self: should blog when I come home instead of > a week, where I cannot recall much of the food I ordered.

After screaming that I am broke last Sunday, I ended up going for dinner with B1 at Your Woul after we googled the place at the library. The place looked cozy and the walls were festooned with Korean popstar posters like a teen K-Pop fan's room. The people were polite (not welcoming) and the dishes were family-friendly sized. You are assumed to be at least a party of three, though they do have some individual-portioned lunch sets. A big pot of stew at about S$39.

Being huge BBQ fans (if we were hankering for steamboat, we go to the place near my violin class), we pondered over the galbi options. Not that there were many, most of the meats were pure unadorned "fresh" meats, not the heavily marinated bulgogi kind *disappointed*. I mean if I wanted meat like that I would go Meidi ya and grab some to cook at home.

While they used a charcoal grill, the taste turned out to be unexciting. We had ordered a mixture of meats at S$60, with included lean beef loin and samyeopsal, as well as 1 kimchi chigae. B1 was disappointed that they did not have Sundubu chigae. The kimchi chigae was not bad. While they were generous with the fresh vegetables (as in they will refill the basket, haha, upon request), most of the kimchi dishes were not nice, despite this being a real Korean-run restaurant.

At the end of the meal, I looked at the bill. S$3 for (tea bag) Green tea? *faint* Luckily B1 had looked at the menu harder and ordered a beer instead of his usual soju. The bill came to about the price we would have paid at Jang Shou Charcoal (this place costs more than the buffet one).

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