Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The End of Romance - when the search for your destiny ends

When do you stop actively looking for your other half?

My COH friends and I were talking about a related topic last week when we were queuing to play our match. I was telling them that I watched a documentary on American men marrying Russian wives. My Norwegian friend said that his Russian girl friends told him that once Russian women hit 30, no one wants to marry them anymore. He also said that in Norway, Russian women are the most popular foreign brides, followed by Thai (???) and Fillipino, then German and finally American. I was surprised the exotic Thai women would marry to freezing Norway, but my friend said that 20,000 Norwegian men disagreed with me. Haha.

I was most curious about when people would stop searching for their destiny. In the documentary, women between ages of 20 - 40 something continued to look for their other halves albeit in a different country. When do Singaporeans stop? I have noticed some of my friends seemed to be content with their single lives right now and stopped looking. Their attitude seems to be that "when it happens it happens".

I posted this question to my lunch kakis today. Staring solemnly into their ramen, the suprisingly ageless-looking Dragon said that he stopped at the end of his last relationship when he was 30. Miss Piggy said she would stop at 32. The Captain said his benchmark age will probably change as he grows older, but right now, he would probably stop when he is 40.

For me, if I were still single, I think by the time I hit 30, I will ignore what meine Eltern say, and move to overseas to work or study and find a nice ang mo man to marry. Hahah.

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