Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mosaic fun reveals disturbing relevations

B1 and I had a neck-breaking session to do the mosaic art kits. For the first half of the process, where you stick the tiles onto the cardboard, you will definitely need tweezers, a long rule and sharp long scissors/shears to cut the tiles and stick them on the board. It was during this part that I realised that I was much much slower than B1 in doing the art, even though his was more complicated. The lady who (conned) sold me the kits said it would take 45min, plus drying, but he took 2hrs and I took 3 hours to do them, before even applying the grout.

It was very late by the time we finished so we did the grouting on Saturday instead. I was very paranoid about the grouting process, so checked online where they advised using sandpaper, old toothbrushes, rags and even a sharpened stick to help rub off the excess grout from the tiles. I mixed the polyethene and water together at a 2:1 ratio and applied liberally all over the tiles. Unfortunately I was too eager with the toothbrush and didn't wait for the grout to dry. In the end I used the stick to roll the grout over the tiles and then waited for two hours before it finally died. Yes, it is important to let the grout dry naturally so that it remains strong. Then you rub the excess off.

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