Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girl Gamers

Some years ago, the local newspaper covered the Counterstrike amateur teams who were participating in the WCG. There were one or two groups of pretty hot girls who dressed up to the nines to sit in front of the pc to play games. Quite amazing huh? I found it very impressive that they actually wore such sexy outfits and uncomfortably high heels to play the game. But then again, it could be because they train outside, not within the comfortable confines of their homes.

I do know some WOW chicks who play a lot. My own personal favourite remains Company of Heroes (previously Neverwinter Nights), because (in both games) I take a nice backseat role and just merely direct my men (or avatar and henchmen) to do the dirty gritty fighting. However I don't seem to pick up on any female playing the game. Usually you can, they are the ones who chat a lot throughout the game (like myself, dead giveaway), unless they are kiddies. The guys tend to play quietly and merely use the indicators to direct the strategy, unless you are good friends and/or you are playing a slower-paced game. Even if they do chat, they prefer to talk outside the game, either in the chatroom or while waiting for the game to start.

Last week my friend and I were playing an Assault game versus another buddy, his friend and this person who used the nick "Jenny" something. He was definitely a boy, and a young one at that, because he kept trying to convince everyone he is female throughout the game. He said he was using his older brother's CoH game, that's why his profile is new. My friend replied sarcastically that 99% of the people in this game are male, and (rightly so) no woman will be so stupid to out herself. I almost died laughing (because he didn't know how ironically funny his statement was).

Personally I don't see the biggie, but it is definitely easier if you portray yourself as a dude. Because you can get away with saying bad words, which is such a stress reliever *haha* and you won't get those weirdoes who just because they see you have a feminine nick, declare they love you *ewww* (this happened before). But definitely this makes for a lot of inconvenience when you want to remain in contact outside the game (so that you can sync your playing times, esp when everyone lives in different time zones) but you don't want to let them know you are a chick. That's the problem with transient online relationships, everyone gets bored with a game after a while, and they either get a new profile or leave the game. And I do want to keep some of the friendships with the other gamers.

Once in a while I forget that I am supposed to be a guy and expose myself accidentally. But thankfully no one has called me out on it. I do think some of them think I am very gay guy, esp since that time I said blond women are very beautiful (which they agreed) then stupidly added that so are blond men (they were ...). 

It's a bit tiring sometimes. To be a girl who pretends to be a guy. (Maybe I should pretend to be a guy who is pretending to be a girl on the game??)

Otherwise it's pretty fun, and so far only two persons who play CoH know who I really am (well technically more like one, i.e. B1. Because I don't have Facebook and limit online photos of me, my friend cannot verify I am who I am, which is kind of sad but I intend to stick to this modus operandi).

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