Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Anime Festival Asia Cosplayer Babes (AFA 2010)

Some were at least.

What you see here thus far are those from my shitty camera and B1's iPhone. It is times like this I wish I wasn't so tight and would save up for a DSLR. At least I would have some magnificent photos on this blog, and people wouldn't jossle me out of a shot position just because their cameras are bigger and more expensive. The anpanman and the other character shot really annoyed me 'cos this girl with a big SLR kept swinging into my shot and now I have to capture her nasty hand in my photo. Twice. I ended up having to use Photoshop to cut her out. Annoying.

I'd have to admit, I only watch certain animes, and those people who know me, will be sniggering when they read this. So I don't have much clue on what some of these cosplayers are emulating. Say for example, the cute girl in the pink costume. When asked what anime she was supposed to be from, B1 said, probably hentai. I probably like the vacuum cleaner shot the most because I see housework that way. Evil.

I didn't get many photos again this year, because we went in the late afternoon. Had to play a few rounds of CoH before we left.

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