Friday, November 26, 2010

A Man and His Instrument

I always like to ask my friends this question, rank who you think is most sexy to least sexy, a man (or woman, whichever context best applies to the person being asked) who plays:
(1) Violin
(2) Piano
(3) Chinese Drums
(4) Rock Guitar
(5) Flute
The Teletubby and the Tiger-killer both said Violin, Piano, Flute, Chinese Drums and Rock Guitar. Miss Piggy said Piano, Violin, Rock Guitar, Flute and Chinese Drums.
I think that a man who plays a violin is very sexy (I also think I have mentioned this in my blog before but I cannot find the article so I wiederhole). A man who can play you like a violin with his expert fingers ^^! In addition, I think that a lot of women think the same way? When we used to take the MRT home from violin class, I could see women studying him out on the train out of the corner of their eyes while he reads quietly with the violin case leaning against his leg. Contrast it with when we take the MRT violin-less, I don't see women checking him out. At all.
So guys, you want girls to notice you? Carry a violin case on public transport.
The Teletubby interjected that maybe they stare because they think you are carrying a suspicious article *roll eyes*

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