Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Infuriated!!!! Fixing my Game for Nothing?

I have been receiving a lot of nasty comments on my game recently. At least two of them said that they could not download all the way... I was wondering what they meant. Could it be that my latest deploy is not working? So last night I asked my friend Lively to help me download my game to her phone and try. She reported that it was ok.

I also spent an hour or two recompiling, uploading and tidying the game profile.

Then this afternoon, I was researching on how to build my next app, then I see this:

"Users of Android phones all over the world are unable to install or uninstall applications from the Android Market to their handsets.

This is obviously a huge problem for devices whose value can be measured by the applications people run on them. The Android Market currently hosts more than 100,000 free and paid applications.

There have been more than 200 posts about this problem in this thread that began Oct. 25 on the Android Market Help Forum. Owners of devices ranging from the Motorola Droid X to the HTC Desire and HTC myTouch handsets have made their gripes known.

T-Mobile myTouch owner ClaurenM wrote Nov. 4: "I get this in the notification and in the list of downloads (Market -> Downloads button). It hangs on ‘Starting download. . .’ no progress, then I get ‘Download unsuccessful.’ This is happening for updates and new app installations."

HTC Desire owner Deggers in the U.K. wrote Nov. 4: "I had an iPhone for 2 years and never experienced anything such as this. No announcements to customers on the marketplace website, no response on here. It's shameful! I have apps which now do, download. I also have apps which download but are still failing to move into install mode!"

Google isn't saying anything officially and has kept quiet on the forum despite pleas from users for help. However, a source familiar with Android Market operations said Google is aware of the issue and "working rapidly on a resolution."

I am so angry now. My app is quite sh*t without having to add frustration to my users with the new downloading problems.

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