Friday, October 15, 2010

Anna Vasil'evna Chapman anyone?

I find NGC's Email Order Bride very fascinating. I wrote about the docile Vietnamese girl and had watched a local documentary on how Singaporean men pay large sums to see herds of Vietnamese girls being shepherded into dingy rooms for them to choose their brides from, before the chosen ones are sent to a clinic to determine their chastity (not sexual activity, virginity to be exact). In most cases, the most beautiful virgin of them all will be hastily married off within three days to the old or middle-aged man as he is usually on the "speed marriage tour" (travel to Vietnam with the matchmaking agency and the expressive interest of marriage).

NGC's version, the Russian bride. I am kind of surprised actually, though I have seen online ads touting Russian ladies to lonely men, but I thought these ads are just ignored like the "grow your penis like a tree trunk" ones. Thanks NGC, this documentary is much more interesting to me than your usual Hitler or natural disaster documentaries I watch *thumbs up*. My only wonder is if any Russian spies go overseas under the guise of marriage? I read somewhere that usually Russian spies are paired up as couples before they are installed in foreign countries, but then again there is Anna Chapman *Nice*. I actually visited A Volga Girl after watching the show, and note with interest that the girls featured there are above 21 years old, mostly 30s and 40s.

Personally I think if I had received the Russian dancing cow as a Christmas present, I will be very pleased too. (I had wanted to buy a toy cow from Mustafa that dances to an extremely loud Lambada). Also, like the Vietnamese girl, the reason given by the Russian girl on why she doesn't like the local men, is that they abuse alcohol (though I can relate better to the Russians' need to drink cos it is freaking cold there). And also intriguingly, the American men are looking for Russian girls because they supposedly have traditional values, just like the Singaporean men seeking Vietnamese women. NGC interviewed one of the Russian girls' boss, who has already lost an employee to a American husband and said with a sardonic smile, that he was not prejudiced and probably there is a lack of beautiful women in America.

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